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SPV/EPC PV Solar Farm H&S Service

Pre-Construction of PV Solar Farms - PJB Safety Services have been involved with managing Health and Safety of the construction of 50 + PV Solar Farms (approximately +400MW) throughout the UK.

Acting as a CDM Adviser* by assisting the Client in development of Safety documentation during the pre-planning stages for submission to the local planning. Reviewing and assisting with the development of the Health and Safety requirements of proposed Client (SPV) Principal Contractor and sub-contractors, assisting the generation of Pre-Construction Information Packs (PCI).

Construction of PV Solar Farm - During construction phase PJB Safety Services can regularly undertake site inspections to ensure the Principal Contractor and sub-contractors is maintaining compliance during construction, generating formal reports and actions plans to address non compliances

Regular Health and Safety Inspections of PV Solar Farms

Clients and Investors – Once solar farms are completed and the O&M Contractor is engaged, PJB Safety Services can offer a Health and Safety Inspection service of one site or a full portfolio to allow to allow Clients and Investors to measure the level of Health and Safety Compliance of their O&M Operations and in line with any SPV contractual obligations

O&M Contractor – Once engaged or following a period of engagement, PJB Safety Services can assist in development, implementation and undertaking a review of the O&M Contractors Health and Safety Management System and that their engineers and operatives are maintaining compliance whilst undertaking their maintenance operations on their portfolio.


These inspections can also be used as evidence to SSIP accreditations that Health and Safety Inspections are regularly being carried out. This service also can include reviewing emergency preparedness to help assist and manage unexpected crises or emergencies such as fires on site, injuries to the work force.

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